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Physical & Mental Health

This is an unprecedented time for all of us - but we have to make sure that our children stay healthy and mentally fit. This is the perfect opportunity for your child to put down the video games, and burn some energy!

Provides Normalcy

Being in uncharted territory means we have to be diligent on making sure our loved ones are receiving the normal "everyday" life that they have grown used to.

We offer a FULL Schedule for all Age groups (starting as young as 3!) to ensure that you can keep some normalcy in your child's life through these trying times.

Guidance from Mentors

These online courses are our way to combat any negative emotions your child may have by making them a part of our caring community.

Our certified instructors are here to offer guidance and wisdom to those who need it.

Our instructors are masters at creating a vision for your child that self-mastery is fun and rewarding.

We instill this vision through interactive and teamwork oriented games, drills and real world activities.

It takes a village to raise a child - we are that village.


Children need a structured routine.

In times like this it's important for children to stick to a routine. It helps them to stay focused and occupied with something they'll enjoy doing!

Our Online Trial provides the structure your child needs to remain disciplined, while having something fun to look forward to while they are stuck inside.


Hands down, one of the best decisions made with my child was enrolling her at Championship Martial Arts Las Colinas a few months ago. They provide: top notch owner and instructor personnel, goal and growth oriented curriculum for all ages, flexible scheduling, fair and honest pricing options, and personalized attention to each student's progress and needs. The direct results for my kiddo... Increased understanding of and demonstrated respect for authority, genuine belief in herself based on applying effort and achieving goals, healthy exercise, self defense skills, leadership skills, increased focus, stress relief, team oriented mindset, and a solid sense of community that is being instilled for years to come.

The perfect balance of this location's welcoming and motivating atmosphere is directly attributed to Chief Instructor Chris LeMaster. Bonus: His jokes are quite funny and attending my child's practices has never been more entertaining.

- Casie S.

Great martial arts program! Caring instructors and supporting parents. It takes a village to raise a child and the discipline and focus training that this karate program offers is just awesome.

- Adam S.

#1 factor in choosing a martial arts school should be the goals of the school matching those of the student/parent. If you are looking for more than just punching and kicking, Mr. Lemaster and this group are exactly what you are looking for.

After 24 years of teaching, I have no use for the screeching, yelling instructors with outsized egos. This school has simply found a better way.

This group will teach martial arts and much, much more!

- Conrad V.

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